“Fosters Fives” Trophy

This perpetual trophy was donated by Mick Foster and is for annual calendar year competition between ladies only.

Based on Pentathon Cup points tables, the winner is the lady scoring most points from upto 5 of the nominated measured 5M and 10K road races.

The qualifying races will be selected by the Committee and pre-advised each year.

Qualifying Races in 2016 & 2017 below.

FOSTER’s Fives races 2016

Fosters Fives races for 2017
“Certificate Awards”

Open to all members, Certificates are awarded to all members achieving the following levels during each calendar year.  The Pentathon points tables are used  –

Gold Award    =    Members scoring over 90 points in each of  5 different qualifying

Pentathon distances

Silver Award   =    Members scoring over 80 points in each of  5 different qualifying

Pentathon distances

Bronze Award  =   Members scoring over 70 points in each of  5 difference qualifying

Pentathon distances.



The “Pentathon Cup”

This perpetual trophy was donated by Peter Mander and is for annual calendar year competion and is open to all members.

It operates similarly to a handicap system with an extra  time allowance of about 1% for each year from age 40. Ladies received an additional time allowance of about 15%. Those under 40 receive a slightly lower fixed time.

The “key” times, on which all other times are based, are set out in RED on the “Pentathon  Cup Comparative Times  Tables” page, for each qualifying distance. As a further guide, the times required at various ages to score 100, 85 and 70 points are also listed.

The competition covers all measured road races during the year at the the qualifying distances. The best 5 scores at 5 different distances to count. The highest score wins.

Times generally will be taken from official results sheets, but, at the Committees’ discretion,  an exception may be made for certain larger races where chip times are not available.


The times are used to create a database for each individual for the purpose of recording their Personal Best scores (PB’s).

Pentathon Cup Points Table

If you want further information, or have any queries, on any of the above, please contact the committee at