To achieve a grand prix completion award, the competitor must have completed 8 OUT OF 15 RACES,  2 of which must be 10 miles or more.

See our Race Diary for the full list of CGP races for 2018 or the Cornwall Running website


The results for the 2018 series up to the Turkey Trot… 2018_gp_tables_after_race_8_turkey_trot_


The final results for 2017…


The final results for 2016…




To achieve a series completion award the competitor must have completed 6 OUT OF THE 9 RACES.

All the dates for the 17/18 series have been confirmed, see the Race diary for all the dates


Final results table for the 17/18 MTRS 2017-18_final_mtrs_tables_after_boconnoc_2


The final results for 2016-2017… 2016-17_mtrs_final_tables_after_10_events_boconnoc




1.      The Grand Prix series is open to all runners who are paid up members of a running club that is affiliated to the Cornwall A.A.A.

2.      So qualify for a series award, a competitor must complete the minimum number of races as determined by the committee each year. Of this number, at least two races must be of 10 miles or more.

3.      In the Open categories, each competitor will be awarded 200 points, diminishing in relation to their finishing position in the race, (100 points diminishing in the Veteran and Team categories).

4.      Grand Prix series prizes will be awarded to the top three in every category. In the event of a tie, there will be no “count back” rule used, instead a “joint” 1st, 2nd, or 3rd award presented.

5.       All competitors are advised to check that his or her points have been allocated correctly on a regular basis. Any errors will only be amended in the two most recent races. Anyone finding an error must report it to their own clubs representative, who will then deal with it on your behalf. Under no circumstances should you contact the G.P. controllers direct.

6.      A runners age on the 1st of January each year will determine that runners age category in the G.P. series for the duration of the year, Awards in age categories at races will be determined by the runners age on race day  (as normal).

7.  Grand Prix club runners must wear their club vests in GP events. Failure to do so will result in their disqualification from the GP results for that race and therefore zero points. (In accordance with UKA rules they will also be disqualified from all team results.) 8.  Any runner who a enters a GP race via their own clubs “bulk entry system”  ( and has not therefore completed a  “signed” entry form for that race ), is deemed to have accepted and agreed to that race organisers responsibilities regarding Data Protection and a Declaration regarding their own personal health and safety.