Below are links to general training plans.

Any member requiring individual training plans please contact one of the club coaches, Tom, Kevin, Sarah or Laura

5K training

10K training

Half Marathon Training Plan

Marathon Training Plan

All members should adhere to the following: 

Do a warm up before any training session.

Do a cool down and stretches after every session.

Quality over quantity.

Core training sessions should be a regular part of training, Why not join the Wednesday night club conditioning classes. (more information at the bottom of this page)

Rest Days are Important for adaption to take place.

Have regular sports massages.

Never train if you are feeling unwell.

Treat minor injuries very carefully to prevent them becoming a big problem.

Don’t attempt to catch up for lost time when returning from illness or injuries.

Conditioning Training

Sessions take place on Wednesday evenings from 6pm till 7pm at the Phoenix Leisure Centre. Contact Tom to find out when the next block of 10 sessions start. spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. I’m sure everyone who has already attended will agree with me when I say how beneficial the sessions are, if you want to attend you will need to get yourself a foam roller available from Launceston Sports.

The cost of the hall and instructor is split between those attending, last time this worked out at £20.00 each for the block which is a bargain and should be similar this time round. There won’t be any sessions on the evenings of the Bude Lifeboat run or Turkey Trot. You will need to pay up front on the first session for the whole block.

Contact Tom for more details.